The following specific recipe comes from Super Nutrition for Babies by Katherine Erlich and Kelly Genzlinger:

Fermented cabbage is extremely nutrient rich, a half cup (71g) offering 30% of the daily value of Vitamin C in just six calories. Additional lactic acid, enzymes, and probiotics make this food a perfect digestive aid. Sauerkraut and sauerkraut juice are remarkable at stimulating adequate stomach acidity, which makes them protective against food allergies.


  • 4 cups (360g) finely chopped or grated loosely packed cabbage

  • 2 tablespoons (28 mL) whey or culture starter

  • 2 teaspoons Celtic sea salt

Mix the ingredients and then tamp down in a quart-size mason jar.

Fill with water (about 1 cup [235 mL]), leaving at least 1 inch (2.5 cm) to top of the jar.

Seal and allow to remain at room temperature for 3 days; then move to refrigerator storage.


  • Alternatively, buy unpasteurized sauerkraut, such as Bubbies brand, at the health food store.

  • Instead of whey, you can use culture starter

  • You can spoon 1/4 teaspoon of the sauerkraut juice to your baby before cooked meals

  • If you’re nursing, eating sauerkraut with your meals will help improve your digestion, resulting in less heartburn, more nourishment, and fewer immune responses to foods for both you and your baby

  • You can finely cut-up bites of sauerkraut to your baby at 10-12 months