First Metro-West Primary Care Physician in Natick to Offer New Insurance-Free Model that Lowers Benefit Costs, Improves Patient Care

Wayland, Mass., August 9, 2016 — MedFirst Partners (MFP) today announced the Massachusetts launch of Direct Primary Care (DPC), a flexible, membership-style approach and growing national trend currently offered by more than 4,400 U.S. physicians  that provides an affordable, easily accessible, high-quality healthcare option for individuals and employers. Dr. Jeffrey Wacks, a Natick-based primary care practitioner is the first fully DPC-based physician in the MetroWest area. His new practice, PatriotDirect Family Medicine, does not accept health insurance, but instead offers patients unlimited visits, same-day appointments and 24/7 email and cell phone access for a flat monthly fee.

DPC removes co-pays and insurance billing from the equation. This approach enables lower-cost tests, labs and ancillary services with an aim at keeping patients in a primary care setting instead of referring to specialists for potentially more expensive and invasive care. At Dr. Wacks’ practice, patients pay a monthly, age-based flat fee ranging from $30 to $125 for this comprehensive care, which includes an annual physical exam.

“Traditional, insurance-based primary care doctors are constantly pressured to increase productivity and comply with increasing administrative bureaucracy,” says Dr. Wacks. “However, the DPC model allows me to provide the personal, thorough level of care that my patients want and need, but also makes financial sense for the individuals and families we serve.”

Patients in DPC-based practices can save a significant amount of money on laboratory tests and other ancillary services by utilizing pre-negotiated cash prices. For example, a cholesterol test could cost just $3 with DPC compared to $90 with a traditional health insurance plan.

Massachusetts businesses are exploring DPC-based plans as a cost-effective, acceptable alternative when offered with a wrap-around catastrophic insurance policy. DPC plans can serve as a stand-alone benefit, or can be combined with employers’ group plans, self-funded group plans, or Medicare to offer supplemental coverage, improve employee health and reduce absenteeism.

“It’s important to understand that DPC only covers primary care services, so supplemental insurance is encouraged to cover other medical needs and emergency situations,” says Dr. Wacks. “While still a newer concept, this ‘old school’ style of medicine can be the right fit for many individuals, families or companies looking for a practical alternative to the standard primary care model. I look forward to growing my practice and introducing Boston-area residents to the benefits of DPC.”

Lunch & Learn
Dr. Wacks will host a Lunch & Learn for employers and individuals interested in learning more about DPC on Tuesday, August 23, 2016 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at:

Hampton Inn
319 Speen St.
Natick, MA
P: 508-653-5000

Please RSVP to Bill Cossart by August 20, to secure a spot. Health Solutions Insurance Agency will also be on hand to explain optional healthcare plans for individuals and employers that include membership to Dr. Wacks’ practice.

For more information on Dr. Wacks and his practice, please visit

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